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禅と戦争 / Zen and War (JP ondertitels)

How Japanese Buddhist monks participated in the war
Uitzenddatum: Zondag 18-10-2009 Exclusively online @ NPO


With Japanese subtitles

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In the beginning of the 20th century Japan waged a number of wars during which it committed atrocities that matched those of the Nazis during the Second World War. In 1998 the book Zen at War was published in the US, which elaborately describes how Buddhist monks actively participated in these wars. They not only fought along, but also donated money and materials for fighter aircrafts in the army.

In Zen and War a number of Buddhist Zen monks in Japan talk about their predecessors’ collaboration for the first time. This happened due to the initiative of a Dutch woman, Ina Buitendijk, whose husband suffered severely from his internment in a Japanese camp.  As a Zen Buddhist she wrote letters to the monasteries inquiring how it was possible that Zen monks got involved in warfare. The Zen masters decided to address her inquiry because of the human suffering she expressed.

Director: Alexander Oey
Initiated by Jan Bor
With: Ina Buitendijk, Masaharu Hishiki, Gyohkaku Horio, Kei'itsu, Hosokawa Roshi,Thomas Kirchner, Harada Shodo Roshi, Kono Taitsu Roshi, Shudo Yokoyama
Commissioning editor / Producer: Babeth M. VanLoo
Cinematography: Alexander Oey  2nd camera: Ichiro Arai
Sound: Benny Jansen
Editing: Chris van Oers
Sound-Mix: Marco Vermaas
Line- Producer Japan: Tetsu Itano
Research / Interpreter: Mari Myachi
Assistant: Yosuke Shimizu
Made in collaboration with: Thomas Kirchner en Jan Bor